Smooth, Low-Impact Running

Run Gently with ChiRunning®

ChiRunning® blends principles of T'ai Chi with proper biomechanics for a
smooth, efficient, low-impact method of exercise. The technique

  • proper posture for less fatigue and better breathing
  • using your core muscles
  • engaging gravity to run more easily
  • relaxing the arms and legs and thus reducing your risk of injury
  • using your upper body to help you go faster with less leg effort

If you've stopped running because you're tired of getting injured, this class is
for you.

65% of runners have to stop at least once a year because they are injured
using improper running technique. ChiRunning® makes running more
efficient, safer, and more enjoyable. Run Gently offers ChiRunning® classes
in the Metro DC area and in other areas by special arrangement.

Learn a technique that

  • dramatically reduces your potential for injury
  • increases your efficiency, allowing you to run with less effort
  • reduces post-run recovery time
  • transforms the way you run
When Walking Hurts

Walk Gently with ChiWalking

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Over time we develop bad
habits and these can lead to discomfort. Proper biomechanics can make
walking gentler and more enjoyable.

ChiWalking® will help transform walking from a mere routine or means of
transportation into a rewarding practice that enhances mental*, emotional,
and physical well-being. Similar to Pilates, yoga, and T'ai Chi, the
ChiWalking® method emphasizes:

  • body alignment - improve your posture while you walk
  • core strength - access the power in the trunk of the body
  • relaxation of the muscles - relieve tension and relax the mind
  • engaging gravity - use physics to make walking easier

If you want to begin a walking program that will be gentler on your body and
more enjoyable, this class is for you.

Learn to move from your center—your core—creating greater efficiency and
less legwork, while also getting a great workout. Beginners learn proper
body alignment and movement techniques, while those who have been
walking or hiking for years learn how to turn a walking program into a
practice of efficient and mindful movement. Everyone receives personal
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ChiRunning® and ChiWalking® Instruction in Maryland and Washington DC
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